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Launchbase is completely free until we release our pages feature.
The pricing below will apply afterwards.



For makers just starting out.

  • Up to 50 monthly submissions
  • Up to 150 total submissions
  • Up to 1000 monthly pageviews
  • One member



For growing projects.

  • Up to 300 monthly submissions
  • Up to 5000 total submissions
  • Up to 5 members
  • Up to 10 followup questions
  • Up to 15000 monthly pageviews
  • Access to Launchbase Pages
  • Insights



For big projects.

  • Up to 2500 monthly submissions
  • Up to 25000 total submissions
  • Unlimited members
  • Up to 25 followup questions
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Access to Launchbase Pages
  • Insights

Compare our plans

Submissions per month
How many submissions you can receive per month
Total submissions
How many submissions you can receive in total
Pageviews per month
How many people visit a website with Launchbase installed
How many people you can invite to your project
Followup Questions
Questions to learn more about your users
Beautiful, customizable website for your product
Analytics to learn more about your users
Hide powered by
Hide the powered by Launchbase note in the widget
Real-time sync
Submissions, Analytics, ... update in real-time
Access to our zapier integration
Export submissions as JSON or CSV
Widget SDKs
Libraries for HTML, JavaScript, React and more
Widget Frame
Embeddable widget for website builders and blog-posts

Questions and answers

No plan fits my needs.
No problem. We got you covered. Please contact us so we can find a plan that fits your needs.
What are the current limits?
The pricing will launch in a few weeks. Until then, you get unlimited collaborators, unlimited followup questions, 500 submissions per month, and 10000 page-views.
Which payment methods do you accept?
Our payments are processed by Paddle. They accept credit cards and PayPal.

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